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Complete your patio, deck, or backyard with a new gas or wood fire pit or table from the top manufacturers in the outdoor fire industry. Embrace those cool nights again and shop easy with free shipping and wholesale prices.

Not sure where to begin? Our experts have complied a list of the Top 5 Fire Pits for 2022 that you need to see!

In a changing society that goes out less and stays at home more, the necessity of quality products for outdoor use becomes more important than ever. Choose from our wide selection from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

The material used for these remarkable products includes aluminum, concrete, copper, steel, stone, stucco, composite, and even wicker. It’s crucial to match the product to the need regarding heat output. The perfect match provides enough heat to keep your guests comfortable without forcing them to constantly move back from the heat source. Our line of products have BTU ratings ranging from 40,000 BTUs to over 100,000 BTUs.


Fed by clean-burning propane or natural gas, these fire pits ooze charm as easily as they dispense cozy warmth. The wide diversity in our inventory of fire pit tables ensures that you will find a product that meets your needs and your budget.


For nostalgic realism, tossing a log onto a real fire or stirring embers is required (whether necessary or not). Our outdoor fire pits keep the family safe while outperforming any campfire you’ve ever seen.


These products take wood-burning, propane, and natural gas fire pits and wrap a handsome table around them. They range from simple and understated to opulent and stunning.


Traditional styling lends itself to an amazing environment for efficient burning and glowing ambience. A patio fire pit can make a bigger difference in your outdoor entertaining than any other single improvement you can add.


Whether you prefer traditional wood fires or the easy maintenance of outdoor gas fireplaces, our selection should be your source for the perfect match.


You or your contractor can create a one-of-a-kind fire pit for your family with these kits, which include realistic gas log stacks, easy-to-use igniters, efficient burners, connectors, and more.


Don’t scrimp on the finishing touches! Get stylish, long-lasting patio furniture and outdoor accessories from the same source as the rest and get the same great deals and perks.

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