Top 5 Gas Fire Pits of 2021-2022

A great fire pit can be a meeting space for friends and family to gather, or even enjoying a moment alone in your outdoor living space. So, there are some things you want to consider before you purchase a gas fire pit. To choose the “Best Gas Fire Pit of 2021-2022” our experts at BBQ Direct examine fuel type, style, material, shape, accessories, and price. Here is BBQ’s guide to selecting gas fire pits.

Fuel Type:Fuel types to consider when buying a fire pit are gas or wood-burning. Gas fire pits have options for configuration for gas types. Some fire pits will take natural gas, and some will take propane gas. Gas fire pits can be attached to a gas source from either a tank or from a gas source from your home. Gas sourced fire pits can be controlled by a switch. Putting you in control of how high or low this fire burns, and there is no clean-up. 

Style:BBQ Direct has two options to consider when choosing your fire pit style. There are over 100 options to choose from that are either a traditional gas fire pit or gas fire pit table. Traditional gas fire pits are great for using a communal space to gather, but a fire pit table is great for nighttime dinner parties or wine tasting.

Material:The material goes right along with the style. Options for the material include Concrete, Copper, and Steel. When considering your options for the material, you want to consider durability. Will this option last? Will this option rust? If you enjoy the look of rust, Patina may be an option you want to pursue.

Shape:Fire pits come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. So, when considering your fire pit, think of the size of your backyard or how many people you may have gathered around this fire. The shape may not be as important as the other categories, but it does make a difference in the appearance of your outdoor space. 

Look/ Decor:Your backyard is important so making sure that your fire pit reflects your look can be as simple as adding some new accessories to match your style. Fire glass can be just the touch you need to create a custom space.

Pricing:There are three pricing tiers to consider when looking at products. Tier one is affordable, often the lowest price possible. These items are often smaller and usually provide minimum functionality. The second pricing tier is standard, normally moderately priced. As for functionality, standards should cover your day-to-day needs. The last pricing tier is the luxury tier. Luxury is the highest price but also offers the best quality and maximum functionality. 

Below we have listed BBQ Directs top five gas fire pits for 2021 and why. 

Best Luxury Fire Pit 

This fire pit table is upscale and unique with its modern look due to the use of granite and stucco. Its 2-tiered design is not only beautiful but makes for the perfect place area to entertain. Crystal Fire Burners can run for 8-16 hours using a 20 lb. propane tank or can be hooked up to a natural gas line. 

Best Square Fire Pit   

This fire pit is engineered and designed with homeowners, landscapers, pool professionals, and general contractors in mind. Perfect for anyone who plans to custom design their outdoor living area.

Best Round Fire Pit 

The concrete exterior is only one thing that makes this fire pit not only beautiful, but durable. The ability to customize this fire pit for style, fuel type, and look is why this is the best round fire pit. When selecting this fire pit, you can choose your ignition type and finish. Finishes include gray, white, and midnight mist. The burners can run for 8-16 hours using a 20lb propane tank.

Best Dining Fire Pit

This dining table’s rectangular shape allows you to be able to seat 6-8 people and keep your guests warm! The base can hide a propane tank. Not included with, but easy to match and pair with options for benches and wind guard. This option makes it easy for you to set your dining space just how you like it. In addition, your fire pit will always be the centerpiece of your dining table.

Best Steel Fire Pit 

This fire pit combines an industrial design with a modern look. The functionality is easy, with just the push of a button, a beautiful clean-burning fire appears atop a bed of tempered fire glass gems. Adjust the flame height to your desired setting and enjoy.

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September 15, 2021
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