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Extend your time outside with family and friends when you buy a new outdoor gas fire pit bowl from the best online supplier. You’ll be entertaining outdoors later in the year (or earlier in the year) when you heat your patio, deck, or porch with a natural gas or propane fire pit.

We have gas fire pits for sale at wholesale prices and offer free shipping. Pick from the top name brands in the business, including Fire Pit Art, Firegear, Kingsman, Outdoor Greatroom, Phoenix Cast Products, and Prism Hardscapes.

Ideal for upgrading your deck or patio, natural gas fire pits/tables really bring the heat! Our line of gas fire pits and gas fire pit tables have ratings of 40,000 BTUs to over 100,000 BTUs. Consider your BTU needs before ordering. Factors that come into play include:

  • Size of the area you want to heat
  • The number of people you routinely entertain in your outdoor area
  • The severity of cold in your geographical area
  • The strength of the prevailing wind in your area
  • We stock units fueled by natural gas and propane, and some can go either way with an optional conversion kit.

    There’s no way to describe the typical outdoor gas fire pit, because the variety of styles, sizes, and types defy definition. Our selection includes:

    Fire Bowls. Simple and elegant, with a radiant warmth, fire bowls are among our most popular outdoor heating fixtures. We have them in various materials and sizes; they also don’t all look like giant soup bowls.

    Fire Columns (also called “Chimenea”). Standing tall with an elevated fire chamber, a fire column provides a hard-to-miss contemporary touch to your deck or patio.

    Fire Pits. Fire pits are similar to fire bowls. The difference is that fire pits are more often (but don’t have to be) installed below ground, with a ring, or brim above ground. We have a greater variety of fire pits than any style of outdoor fixture, and they are works of art that add tremendous value to your property.

    Fire Pit Table. A fire pit table is a fire pit with a stone, ceramic, or steel table incorporated into the design. These are multi-functional and serve as focal points for outdoor entertainment venues.

    For more details, advice, or assistance with the ordering process, contact our customer service team.