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Wood Stove Efficiency

There are many misconceptions about wood stoves, one of them being that wood stoves aren’t efficient. In this article, we will debunk this and show you how wood stoves can be a more efficient choice than traditional fireplaces and other heating styles.
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Top Unique Fire Pits

There are thousands of fire pits out there with the traditional look and size we all know, but what about something different to fit your décor? We have them! Uncommon shapes, sleek lines, and beautiful construction make these some of my top favorites.
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How to clean and maintain your pellet grill/smoker

Pellet grills are the largest segment in the outdoor cooking industry. This is due to the pellet grills having the convenience of gas, but the flavor of charcoal. Maintenance of your pellet grill partially relies on how often you clean it. So how often do you clean a pellet grill? It is recommended that you clean your grill after each use with the addition of a deep clean every 6 weeks.
12 days ago
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Top 5 Gas Fire Pits of 2021-2022

A great fire pit can be a meeting space for friends and family to gather, or even enjoying a moment alone in your outdoor living space. So, there are some things you want to consider before you purchase a gas fire pit. To choose the “Best Gas Fire Pit of 2021-2022” our experts at BBQ Direct examine fuel type, style, material, shape, accessories, and price. Here is BBQ’s guide to selecting gas fire pits.
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How To Clean A Gas Grill

After preparing a meal on your grill you should expect grease and food particles to be left behind. By not cleaning your grill, you will run the risk of contaminating your next meal and ruining the flavor. Everyone enjoys BBQ season but what is the best way to clean a gas grill? First you should know how often you should clean your grill. The best rule of thumb is to clean after each use with the addition of a deep cleaning every 6 weeks. In addition, you should know what products you can use to clean your grill. There are many different items you may use to clean your grill. Most items you may find at home can be as reliable as any degreaser or grill cleaner.
1 month ago
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