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A kamado grill is a type or category of grill, not a proper name. While one of the best-selling name brands has “kamado” in its name, the term merely stands for a dome or egg-shaped grill, typically made of ceramic material, cast iron or aluminum. We carry four of the best brands of kamado grills – Blaze Grills, Golden’s Cast Iron, Coyote, and Primo Ceramic Grills. Each brand has its own advantage and is known for certain features.

A kamado ceramic grill is a marvel of heat retention and hands-free operation (for the most part). Essentially, the heat is absorbed by the food, and does not drift off into the atmosphere, as with traditional grills. Outdoor smokers can be set for a slow cook time, allowing the food to develop a scrumptious smoky flavor, but they can also deliver searing high heat for steaks, burgers and any food item that needs to be cooked fast and hot!

Kamado grills can freestanding or built into an outdoor kitchen. The most in-demand kamado grills are ceramic smokers – usually of the budget-friendly freestanding variety. The configurations and designs on these kamado style grills offer a multitude of choices, including kamado grill tables and space age-looking rolling grills.

The fuel is charcoal. Charcoal purists will testify that charcoal delivers the best smoky flavor. A criticism of charcoal is that it’s hard to maintain an even temperature, but with the incredible insulation of the grill’s exterior materials, cooking temps are even and predictable. Many kamado grills can be left unattended* for up to eight hours and still cook the entire time.

*Unattended does not mean “ignored.” Always watch grills carefully and revisit them regularly during cooking to assure safe operation.

The product description page for each model includes a list of PDF files you can download that explain the features, installation instructions and procedures. For the best personal assistance, contact one of our customer service representatives.

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