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If you’re building or remodeling and need a beautiful fireplace for the living room, den, or great room, do yourself a favor and order a fireplace builder box from us. These ingeniously-designed fireplace boxes fit in standard fireplace openings and have features that save time and hassle. We offer wholesale prices and free shipping; find exactly what you need today!

Our selection includes direct vent and vent-free gas fireplaces from the top brands like Napolean Fireplace and Majestic Products — manufacturers of the most dependable, efficient, and stylish fireplaces in the industry. Regardless of the style or size, these units are easy to install in any new build or remodeling project. We also have a great selection of woodburning fireplaces with traditional and contemporary looks.

For energy efficiency, you can’t beat a gas fireplace. Gas is a cheaper option than electricity in many parts of the country, and today’s modern gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts conserve gas so well that the energy savings are tremendous.

In areas where firewood is plentiful and for customers who enjoy the look and feel of real wood, we have some gorgeous woodburning fireplaces. The knock on woodburning fireplaces is that they lose a lot of heat through the flue. However, the fireboxes in our selection are designed to reflect as much heat as possible out into the room. Less energy is lost through the flue, as with traditional brick and mortar fireplaces.

With a myriad of options, you or your customer can customize a fireplace that is unique and perfectly at home in its room (or rooms, plural, in the matter of two-sided fireplaces). With a new build or remodel, you’re suiting the room around the fireplace rather than suiting the fireplace to the room.

  • Some of the more popular options* include:
  • Door Trim – Black or stainless steel.
  • Door Styles – Black bi-fold, back arch, or mesh.
  • Interior Liner – Standard brick or herringbone brick.
  • Blower Kit (available at additional cost) – Variable speed (160 CFM max)
  • *Varies by manufacturer and model.

      Free PDF files can be downloaded that provide more detailed information, installation requirements, procedures, and technical data. For personal service, feel free to call our award-winning customer service team. Any one of them can help you through the ordering process.