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Get a fireplace so nice, you’ll want to see it twice! Add a huge wow factor to your home with a two sided fireplace that is visible from two rooms at once. We have an amazing array of see thru fireplaces in styles ranging from traditional to ultra-modern.

We carry popular fireplaces from two of the most respected brands in the industry – Majestic and Napoleon. Their craftsmanship is impeccable, and the durability of these innovative multi-sided fireplaces will ensure that your adjoining rooms will never lack style or comfort. We offer wholesale prices and free shipping on all models.

Our inventory of two and multi sided fireplaces starts at 20,000 BTUs and goes up to nearly 60,000 BTUs. This is essential, because not only are these fireplaces supposed to provide charm and coziness, but they must also supply comfort. Firebox technology allows heat to radiate evenly to all sides and keep people on both sides of the wall happy. One of our models – the Majestic Twilight II – can be indoor or outdoor.

They range in widths from 40 inches to over 60 inches, and include a host of options* like:

*Varies by manufacturer and model.

See thru direct vent gas fireplaces must be vented though the roof. Gas units can be ordered in either propane or natural gas. If the choices seem overwhelming, don’t hesitate to call one of our award-winning customer service representatives. They can provide immediate answers to your questions in most cases and can find out the answer in all cases. Most models also have free downloadable PDF files that detail product features, a user's manual, and installation specifications.

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