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Built In Gas Grills

Probably the most luxurious outdoor cooking apparatus you can get, an outdoor gas grill, built-in to your hearth or outdoor counter, is something that can actually increase your home’s property value. Our selection of built in outdoor gas grills includes hard-nosed brutes that work hard without complaint and glamorous showpieces that are as beautiful as they are efficient. Construction for many of the models is 304 stainless steel, which is cooking grade steel and practically indestructible. Burners can be stainless steel or cast iron and depending on the configurations, the BTU capacities of our built-in grills range from 30,000 BTUs to over 100,000 BTUs. As stationary built-in fixtures, these grills are perfect candidates for natural gas, but they can also be fitted for propane.

Freestanding Gas Grills

From the shiny, stunning Lion Gas Grill to the underrated Bull Steer basic cooker, our line of freestanding gas grills includes something for every taste and purpose. A freestanding grill is portable, mounted on a rolling base that includes storage shelves and doors. While they are all adaptable to either propane or natural gas, the propane versions will be the most portable, since they carry their tank with them. Most of our models include cabinets large enough to stow the propane tank. Natural gas models must connect to a natural gas line, and therefore remain stationary, but they can be disconnected and moved into a garage or shed at the end of grilling season. Freestanding gas grills are like combination cookers and rolling storage cabinets. With some of the more full-featured units, you can order add-on sections that expand storage capacity. As with the built-in models, our selection of freestanding gas grills come in a wide range of BTU capacities, from 30,000 BTUs to over 100,000 BTUs. They are equipped with reliable, light-every-time igniters. Some models come with infrared burners, often in combination with traditional burners, to provide more cooking options. Whether for practical purposes or just for showing off, light kits are available for some of our models. They can be used to illuminate the work area or the grill itself.

Post Mounted Gas Grills

If you have a small deck or patio, a post-mounted grill is the answer. Offering many of the same features as freestanding and even built-in grills, post-mounted grills preserve floor space because they ride atop a pedestal. Our collection of post-mounted grills are made with care from stainless steel or cast aluminum, and are weather-resistant for years of use. While they provide little to nothing in the way of storage, they make up for in terms of performance. Get answers to your questions by contacting a customer service representative today. You can also download free PDF files that include owner’s manuals, installation and assembly instructions, and technical data.