Firegear Round DIY Paver Ready Fire Pit Burner Kit With Match Lit 29-Inch Pan And 22-Inch Burner - FPB-29D22MTN-PK







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  • Type: Patio Ready Fire Pit Bundle
  • Included Items: Fire Pit Burner Pan, Fire Pit Burner, Flex Frame Burner Pan Suspension Kit, Lava Rock, Paver Vents, Paver Access Panel For Ignition
  • BTUs:119,000
  • Overall Dimensions: 29,000
  • Burner Size: 22" Spur
  • Burner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Required Items: None
  • Ignition Type(s): Match Lit
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Certification: NONE
  • Warranty: 5 Year- Stainless Components | 2 Years On Gas Train | 1 Year Commercial Installations And Remaining Components

Firegear's Patio Paver Ready Bundles make it easy for a home owner or a contractor to purchase everything they need to install a fire pit into paver block patio fire pit with one purchase. The Flex Frame supports sandwich between the brick pavers. They are flexible to round corners and even 90 degree angles. Included venting insures a cool and safe cavity underneath the burner disc. The control includes an access panel that ris adjustable and replaces a paver block. The stainless steel burner and burner disc will prove the user with an attractive and easy to use fire pit.


For years now the name Firegear has been synonomous with high quality outdoor fire products. Starting with fire pit burners and logs Firegear has grown into a complete source for outdoor fire equipment. Their Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Sanctuary Fire Pits and stainless steel Kalea Bay fireplaces are great examples of their focus on setting trends. Building products that inspire you to spend more time outdoors is their passion. Create your outdoor sanctuary with Firegear


Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are to be the centerpiece, the "kitchen table" of your outdoor living space. The warm glow of the fire can be enjoyed with guests or when we just need to relax and reflect on our days. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces extend the time we can spend outdoors during evenings or on chilly nights. Burning gas eliminates the hassle and mess of burning a wood fire. Fire pits, fireplaces, and outdoor outdoor burner kits are available in both contemporary and traditional stylings. Most can be operated by a portable propane tank or can be connected to the natural gas lines that supply your home. Many fire pits come in kits with the fire pit body and burner for a turn key purchase. Most outdoor fireplaces also come complete as well. Whether you need a turn key solution or just need the "engine", we have the components you need to make it happen.

Product Specifications

More Information
Firegear Round DIY Paver Ready Fire Pit Burner Kit With Match Lit 29-Inch Pan And 22-Inch Burner - FPB-29D22MTN-PK
Included ItemsStainless Burner, Stainless Burner Pan, Paver Ready Burner Support, Fire Pit Vent Kit, Control Cover For Pavers, Lava Rock
Additional InformationRequires 18" High From Fire Pit Top To Combusible Floor
Heating BTU119000
ElectricalNo Electricity Needed
Main Burner Material304 Stainless Steel
Material304 Stainless Steel Burner And Burner Pan
TypeFire Pit Kit
Ignition TypeMatch Light
Fuel TypePropane, Natural Gas
CertificationNot Listed
Size Range30" - 39" Wide
Media Amount Required20LBS Lava Rock | 40 LBS Fire Glass
Warranty12 Years Stainless Components / 2 years Gas Train / 1 Year Commercial And Remaining Parts
  • Round Paver Kit Example
  • Fire Pit Burner Manual
  • Paver Flex Frame Manual
  • Paver Vent Manual
  • Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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