Infrared Tube Heaters

Infrared Tube Heaters at wholesale prices - Gas-fired infrared tube heaters are a great way to warm up a patio, warehouse, or large shop, while saving you money due to their excellent energy efficiency.

Our selection of Modine infrared tube heaters include BTU ranges from 50,000 - 250,000. These heat systems also feature a water-resistant control compartment that provides weatherproof protection and allows either indoor or outdoor installation.

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A gas-fired infrared tube heater by Modine is an excellent way to heat a space as small as a garage or patio, or as large a warehouse. These systems use radiant heat to warm an area, building or living space. It’s the same way that the sun warms the earth. This allows heat to stay near the area at which it is pointed, instead of remaining around the ceiling or in space where it is not needed, such as in a forced-air heater. In this way, infrared heaters are more energy efficient since they heat only the objects or people that they are pointed towards.

Say, for example, that you owned a warehouse and wanted to keep your employees warm during the winter months, but you didn’t want to waste your energy dollars heating the entire warehouse where your employees are not working, most of the time. In this case, an infrared tube heater would be a perfect heating solution for your business.

Let's talk fuel sources as it pertains to our infrared heaters. The infrared heaters we carry are fueled by natural gas. The BTU output on most of our models of infrared heaters ranges from 30,000 BTU all the way to 160,000 BTU! Our goal is to give you the most options when it comes to purchasing the best infrared heater available online.

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