Ventis 6-Inch Pre-Insulated Chimney Liner Kit With Tee 20ft - 30ft - K5T6







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  • Properly Exhausts Your Wood, Gas, Pellet, Or Oil Appliance
  • Includes: Pre-Insulated Flex Liner, Tee With Cap, Chimney Cap, And A 13" x 13" Chimney Top Plate
  • Made of 316 Stainless Steel Mixed With Titanium
  • Pre-Insulated To Save On Install Time And To Increase The Safety Of Your Chimney Liner
  • An Insulated Liner Is Required For Unlined Masonry Chimneys Or When The Masonry Clay Liners Are Damaged
  • Made In The USA
  • Forever Warranty


When a wood burning appliance exhausts into a masonry chimney, the exhaust gases expand to fill the chimney. When they expand the gases cool. When the gases cool, they condensate in the form of creosote onto the walls of your terracotta clay flues. creosote is a flammable, gummy, tarry, substance that is hard to clean and when heated can be ignited and cause a chimney fire. Smoke naturally drafts better in a cylinder. It travels up in a tornadic fashion up your chimney. If the gases are properly vented, the risk of a chimney fire is significantly lowered. Chimney repair work is expensive. A properly lined chimney increases the efficiency of the chimney by keeping the exhaust gases from the appliance moving at the proper rate. This keeps your appliance working at its best performance.


Ventis proudly manufactures chimney liners, chimney systems, black stove pipe, wood stoves, and many other fireplace and stove related products. All Ventis products are manufactured in North America. Most in the USA. Ventis backs their products with the best warranty in our industry. Their black stove connector pipe has a 10 year warranty. Most competitors have a one year at most. Their chimney liners and newly installed chimney components have a forever warranty as long as it is properly maintained. Ventis is confident enough in their stainless steel chimney products to warranty them forever. Ventis provides the confidence you need when heating your home.

Product Specifications

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Ventis 6-Inch Pre-Insulated Chimney Liner Kit With Tee 20ft - 30ft - K5T6
Included ItemsPre-Insulated Flex Liner, Tee With Cap, Chimney Cap, And A 18" x 18" Chimney Top Plate
Material316Ti Stainless Steel And Titanium Alloy
TypeFlex Venting
CertificationUL 103HT
Diameter6 Inches
WarrantyForever Warranty
Safety InformationPROPOSITION 65 WARNING


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Customer Questions
How do you clean the liner at the end of the season?
Remove the chimney rain cap and select the appropriate size nylon, poly or natural bristle chimney brush to clean the liner. Be sure the brush passes through the entire length of the chimney liner. Insert the brush down the flue from the top of the chimney direct the brush up and down the flue.
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