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Don’t let that first breeze of cold air put an end to your outdoor entertaining. Extend autumn with a patio heater that keeps you and your friends warm! We offer wholesale prices and free shipping on some of our models. Find the perfect patio heater for you home/business with the best product support; we have highly-trained customer service representatives who can guide you through the ordering process and make sure you get what suits your needs precisely.

We have outdoor patio heaters, mushroom heaters, gas and electric patio heaters, freestanding patio heaters, wall mounted patio heaters, commercial grade patio heaters and accessories at wholesale prices. The appeal of outdoor entertaining has risen sharply in recent months and has created an unprecedented demand for patio heaters. Both homeowners and restaurant/retail managers can attest to the value of outdoor space heating, and the way it revitalizes otherwise unused space. There are a host of different options available, categorized by mounting technique, fuel, and suitability for commercial use.

Ceiling and wall mounted patio heaters are great ways to conserve space and still provide spot heating where needed, such as store or restaurant entrances or small sitting areas on patios and decks. We carry brands from Bromic, Modine, and Sterling, known for years for excellent service and low maintenance requirements. These are available in natural gas or propane as well as electric, with BTU capacity ranging from 20,000 BTUs to over 50,000 BTUs.

Freestanding patio heaters are portable (some more than others) and with contemporary styling options, can be incorporated into the décor of the outdoor venue. They are noticeable, and they do take up floor space, but with careful planning can offer a clear advantage over stationary heaters. Freestanding patio heaters can use natural gas (which makes them less portable) or propane. Often, the propane tanks can be hidden in cabinets under the heater assembly.

Restauranteurs have discovered the amazing impact patio heaters have on outside dining areas, often making the difference in profit or loss during tight economic times. The main difference between commercial grade patio heaters and those sold for household use is the durability. Commercial patio heaters are likely to be in use every day, all day long. Our commercial patio heaters are made to stand up to heavy usage and heavy weather, providing dependable service without requiring a lot of attention or daily maintenance.

These are available in natural gas, propane, or electric. For sheer heat output, gas and propane reign supreme, but for windy conditions, electric provides the best heat. Any advantage one fuel type might have over the others in terms of cost is tied to the price of those fuels in your area.

All our patio heaters are certified by the National Fireplace Institute for fire safety. Contact our 5-star customer service support for questions or concerns.

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