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Bring new life to your patio, deck, or outdoor area with a wall mounted patio heater that provides warmth without taking up precious floor space. We are the ultimate source for hanging overhead heaters for residential and commercial applications. We offer quality products from three of the top brands in the business – Bromic, Modine, and Sterling – and our selection covers models ranging in size from 20,000 BTUs to 50,000 BTUs. Whether your need is best served by a wall mounted infrared patio heater, a wall mounted electric patio heater, a natural gas fueled, or propane heater – we have the products and the product support to meet your needs.

Reviews for wall mounted patio heater support the value of these fixtures as difference-makers in the realm of outdoor entertaining, which has seen a marked uptick in recent months. Theses heaters are great for outdoor venues that offer dining, retail, and recreational entertainment for all their guests.

The number one advantage of a wall mounted, or ceiling mounted patio heater is that it requires no floor space, which is sometimes limited in outdoor settings. The heat radiates from overhead and drifts to surprisingly large areas, providing comfort to all without overwhelming those closest to the heater.

The factors that determine what size and type of unit to get for your patio or outdoor space depends on the severity of the cold weather in your area. Precipitous drops in temperatures after sunset, windiness, and the size of the area you desire to affect should determine what the heating capacity of your patio heater should be.

Maximum heat output is typically achieved by natural gas or propane fixtures, but electric units – particularly infrared heaters – are impressive as well. Furthermore, electric heat is less susceptible to wind than gas-fueled heaters. Whether any fuel type represents a savings in energy costs is largely dependent on the local cost of those fuels in comparison with one another.

The heaters are attractive, but are ideally meant for seamless, nearly-invisible performance, mounted up high, out of most guests’ line-of-sight. You can order long, narrow units or compact units, constructed of aluminum, powder-coated steel or stainless steel. On electric units, the voltage requirements range from 120 volts for personal units to 480 volts for large capacity operation.

For a homeowner, an electric patio heater with a remote control could be the highlight of the back yard. Patio heaters can extend outdoor entertaining for weeks in the fall, or allow the homeowner to get a jump start on spring, enjoying the coming season while the neighbors are still closed up indoors.

For more information, contact our customer service team. They have answers – either on the spot or with a timely return call – they can make recommendations and they can help you through the ordering process.