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The built-in gas grill is the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. We stock the best built in gas grills from the top manufacturers and we work with our suppliers to keep the prices low. Our top-of-the-line built in gas BBQ grills are marked at wholesale prices and come with free shipping. Contact our full-time customer support team with questions regarding your new built-in grill.

An outdoor gas grill built into your outdoor hearth or counter can be the starting point for an entire outdoor kitchen, supplemented by add-ons like sinks, wet bars, outdoor storage, countertops, and outdoor refrigerators. To refer to them merely as built in gas BBQ grills is an understatement to their potential!

Most of our barbecue grills are USA made, using the highest-grade steel and stainless steel with a multitude of sizes and options. Sizes range from 24 inches across all the way up to 48 inches and have heat output from 30,000 BTUs to a massive unit that tops 100,000 BTUs. The bigger the grill, the more burners you can have, and the largest units have up to five burners.

Choose from convenient options like rotisserie kits, lights, infrared central burners, meat thermometers, and options for lighting the gas. Our listings do not differentiate between propane or natural gas grills, because all grills can be fitted for either fuel type.

These are not freestanding grills or grills that can simply be set on a flat surface. They must be built into an existing outdoor kitchen hearth, counter, or island, constructed from non-combustible materials and vented though a chimney to open air. The size of the grill will determine the amount of draft needed in the vent system.

Be sure to download free PDF file that covers grill installation for a complete explanation of what materials are needed and what procedures should be employed. Much of this is dictated by state code, so be sure you comply thoroughly. PDF files are also available for detailed information on the various models of gas grills for sale.

Call a specialist with our award-winning customer service team for the ultimate details. Any of them can answer questions, provide free advice and, perhaps most importantly, assist with an otherwise daunting order process.