Your lifestyle, in living color!

Let us help you visualize and customize the outdoor space you want to entertain and cook in, with our exclusive 3-D Kitchen service!

Free 3D designs for any outdoor kitchen

How it works

Step 1

Simply fill out the online form and let us know what you want for your outdoor project, listing any specific brand items you may want to combine, or the general pieces you feel certain about. Let us know about your space, tell us what you know for sure, be it dimensions, rough size or exact lay-out you envision. For us it is best if we know what you know. We will always work with you to fill out the picture.

Step 2

One of our award-winning BBQDirect Outdoor Experts will email you with useful insights into specific products and brands, and some ideas to add value to your project. Now is the time to really fill in the facts that will help guide your purchase, explore what you are doing and get some clarity to move forward. Remember this is your party, we are just helping with the guest list, so feel free to share!

Step 3

Your BBQDirect associate will deliver the dream-your design brought to life in your space- with your products on display! Now you can really get down to specifics and decide what accessories or other features you may wish to add. Bear in mind you may want to discuss financing or some other service with your associate as well. We love these projects and are happy to help you get exactly what you want. It is what we do every day-bring the future of flames to you now!


At BBQDIRECT we know our customers want to bring their lifestyle outdoors in every season. Friends, family, food and fun-these are the things that matter most. Our outdoor kitchens and furniture bring together perfectly all the details that make your yard the go-to spot, for day and night relaxation with refinement. We know the challenges our customers face in these projects, and our experts will use their experience to help put together the entire package-your outdoor dream-piece by piece!

We talk to homeowners and weekend grill masters every day, and we know what works for them. We are ready to help you realize your ideal set-up, with a checklist of helpful features for you to choose from:

  • *Built In Gas Grills
  • *Kitchen Islands
  • *Seating- Area and Dining furniture at it’s finest
  • *Fire Features from Pits to Tables
  • *Cold and Dry Storage
  • *Modern design Patio Heaters


FINALLY… a place where homeowners can do it all outdoors, in one online marketplace! BBQDIRECT let’s our customers paint the entire picture in one stop, with experts on the phone or in chats, and DESIGN YOUR OWN 3-D services to bring the vision to life. At BBQDIRECT It’s all here for you, under one big red Patio Umbrella of fun: Great Grills and Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Furniture to your design and color, Outdoor Heating where and when you need it, Firepits or Fire Tables for that warm, relaxing gathering spot, and the built-in grill space and placement that defines your lifestyle-and your outdoor life.

Let’s fire up the ideas and go 3-D on this party!

Free 3D designs for any outdoor kitchen


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