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BBQDirect.com is the ultimate source for wood fire pits. We distribute some of the most innovative and decorative wood burning fire pits and fire bowls you can buy - all at low prices.

While we’re able to offer excellent pricing, there’s no scrimping on quality and shipping is fast. We stock an impressive array of wood fire pits in various sizes and configurations, and one is sure to be a good fit for your outdoor living space, or wherever you like to hang out in the great outdoors.

If you cut and stack your own firewood, you’re doubtless familiar with the phrase, “It warms you twice.” You can enjoy that satisfaction with a wood fire pit from BBQDirect.com.

How large of a wood fire pit table you get depends on how big you like your logs, and how big the area you want to heat. Heat from a wood fire is radiant and soothing, but the size of your fire bowl needs to match the size of the area.

Small patios in parts of the country where it doesn’t get cold - and when it does, it’s not very often - would be ideal for one of our 24-inch bowl-shaped fire pits, constructed of heavy gauge steel. If you want to put a wood fire pit in more open areas, like at a campground or behind cabins or the backyard, you need something considerably larger.

At BBQDirect.com, our wood fire pits range all the way up to 72 inches. While that would overpower the average patio, it would work well at lakefront property, where firewood is readily available and cool autumn breezes come off the lake. Our fire pits come in a range of designs, from simple to whimsical. All you have to do is add fire!

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