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Bring back the nostalgia of family card games around the pot belly stove with a cast iron stove from the top manufacturers and pay far less than you would imagine. We have a lineup of cast iron gas stoves and cast iron wood burning stoves from Empire and Napoleon that deliver warmth and charm without a big price tag!

Our prices are the lowest you’ll find, and all models qualify for free shipping! These stylish, freestanding cast iron stoves will bring back the memories that you might have to explain to the younger generation.

Modern cast iron stoves look old school, but as gas or propane fueled devices, they put out more heat than the original ever could. Consider the size and purpose of the room you intend to install the stove in before ordering.

Direct Vent or Vent Free?

A direct vent gas stove vents through a pipe that goes through the roof to the outside. No other device is connected to this vent pipe and the stove is not part of the existing HVAC system in your home. Depending on the size of the unit, the heat it produces can provide a small, temporary assist to the HVAC system, but should not be considered an integral part of it.

A vent free gas stove does not connect to any vent pipe, but vents into the room in a safe manner. (Oxygen monitoring devices ensure its safety). Vent free tends to be a more popular choice because a vent free stove can be located in virtually any room.


Grandpa probably never worried about how many BTUs his wood stove cranked out, but it was certainly less than these marvels of efficiency. Our selection includes models intended for small cozy sitting rooms, maxing out at 10,000 – 20,000 BTUs, as well as more robust models for bigger rooms with capacities that run as high as 60,000 BTUs.

Fuel Type & Ignition

All models can be outfitted for natural gas or propane (please specify when ordering), with all hardware and connecting apparatuses included.

Choose between standing pilot ignition, where a pilot light burns constantly, or electronic pilotless ignition, where a spark ignites the gas directly, on demand.

Options & Accessories (Varies by make and model) • Matt black, Majolica brown, porcelain black or porcelain mahogany finish • Matt black, porcelain black or porcelain mahogany side shelves • Blowers • Temple gray marble, Venetian gold granite or American beauty marble inlays • Sandstone or black brick panels • Remote controls and thermostats • Covers

Contact customer service for additional information, or you can download free PDF files that provide technical specs and installation requirements/procedures. has over 8,000 verified customer reviews at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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