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Redefine your living space with a set of vent free gas logs from Buck Stove, one of the leading manufacturers of gas logs in the country. We’re proud to partner with US-based Buck Stove to bring you the best vent free gas logs at the lowest prices you’ll find online. Shipping is lightning fast, with most orders going out the door within 72 hours of order receipt.

Buck Stove got its start with traditional wood burning stoves & fireplaces and has expanded to produce some of the best gas log sets. The charm of these gas fireplace log sets speaks for itself, and once you’ve settled on the look that fits your home’s décor, then it becomes a matter of selecting the right size and heat output.

Our Buck Stove models range in physical size from 18 to 30 inches (W) and in heat output ranging from 20,000 BTUs to 50,000 BTUs. As gas log sets for existing fireplaces, they make perfect additions to your hearth, but as vent free products they can be incorporated into customized wall openings without need for venting.

Vent free gas logs do not vent through the roof, unlike direct vent logs or wood burning fireplaces. This gives them a distinct advantage, because more heat is introduced to the room instead of rising up through a vent. A vent free gas log set does vent, however. It vents exhaust gases back into the room safely, with monitors to ensure proper oxygen saturation.

Our Buck Stove vent free gas logs come in a variety of looks, but they all boast astounding realism. Choose from log sets that are double or single stacked, with “just added” logs or logs that look like they’re about to crumble to embers. The bark mimics oak, pine, aspen, or other hardwoods.

All models can be adapted to natural gas or propane (select type when ordering). They are all certified by the National Fireplace Institute for meeting safety standards. Accessories are available at additional cost, which include remote controls and wall-mounted thermostats.

Contact our customer service team for additional information, installation advice, and help throughout the ordering process.

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