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Post Mount Gas Grills

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Purchase a post mount gas grill for your deck or patio to complete your professional BBQ set-up and start having cookouts immediately. We have a great supply of the best post mounted gas grills, and thanks to great partnerships with three of the finest manufacturers, we’re able to offer these BBQ grills at wholesale prices, along with free shipping and reliable product support.

Outdoor gas grills come in a host of shapes, sizes, and are equipped with dozens of features and heating capacities; but for performance that uses the least amount of floor space, a post mounted natural gas grill (or propane) is the clear leader.

Gas outdoor grills are made by manufacturers around the world, but the best ones are made by a chosen few, like the ones we carry. These are not the flimsy, two-season rattle traps that box stores roll out to the front walk during grilling season. These are quality grills that are built to last and built to perform flawlessly. Read more about our top pedestal gas grills below.

Our brands and models include:


A Broilmaster premium gas grill represents quality from the top lid to its sturdy pedestal base. We carry seven of Broilmaster’s best grills, each one available in natural gas or propane versions (specify when ordering).

The grill bodies are made from high heat cast aluminum, supported by pedestal posts made of 304 stainless steel – the highest quality stainless steel available for consumer use. Some units are sold as ground-mounted and others as deck-mounted.

American Outdoor Grills (AOG)

Shiny stainless steel, backlit burner controls, and superb heat distribution make the AOG grill a popular model for homeowners across the country. This American-made grill makes an elegant addition to any patio or deck. There are no hot spots or cold spots across its extra-large cooking surface, ensuring even cooking.

Fire Magic

Just because these fixtures don’t take up a world of precious space on your patio or deck doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice cooking performance and eye-pleasing opulence. These grills are scene-stealers any time they’re in use (and even when they’re not).

Most of these models come with analog thermometers, and some come with external and internal lights, rotisseries and other accessories (some available at additional cost).

Choose from the best pedestal grills with BTU ratings of 40,000 BTUs to over 75,000 BTUs for big cookouts.

More information can be obtained from free, downloadable PDF files on each product description page, or by contacting our customer service team.

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